James Bryan Graves (JBG) is a computer scientist, lecturer and community organizer. JBG moved to the Netherlands from the United States in 2009. JBG founded Hackers & Founders Amsterdam in 2011, a community of entrepreneurs and programmers. In 2013, JBG co-founded Hackers & Designers a non-profit organization focused on bringing technology, art and design closer together. JBG teaches coding in the graphic design department at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Projects (Current)

Hubzero, University of California San Diego, San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA

Next generation content management system (CMS) for science gateways on the internet; how scientific information is shared.


Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Clojure/ClojureScript, MongoDB, Electron, PHP, MySQL, Apache Solr, RabbitMQ, Docker, and more...

The Embassies

Ensuring a self-directed life for the 60+ demographic. Pan european real-estate concept ensuring quality of life beyond retirement backed by smart technology systems. The Embassies is currently executing in Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam, London, and more...

Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB

Student archive, Design Academy Einhoven (DAE), The Netherlands

Digital student archive designed to capture process of an entire study program and beyond.


Stack: Debian Linux, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Apache, Apache Solr, Node.js, Python, TensorFlow, and more...


WINWIN is a participatory experience lasting 10 - 15 minutes which investigates consensus over traditional majority wins democracy in online/offline discussions. WINWIN was created as part of the Sangberg@Mediapark masterclass, and received additional funding from Creative Industries Funds, NL (Stimuleringsfonds) in 2019. WINWIN travels to Estonia and Poland this year as part of the The Iron Curtain Project.


Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Python, Apache


Building upon the algorithm developed for WINWIN, and the technology stack developed for the now defunct H&D cooperative platform, the Peerparty projects, including Peerpolls, looks to leverage decentralized systems for community organization and communication.

Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Node.js, Ethereum, Docker, and more...


Ourspace is a 20 minute participatory dance performance that explorers online/offline social interactions via chatbot delivered choreography. Ourspace has been performed in Amsterdam, New York, Austin, Johannesburg, Bejing, Helsinki, Ghent, Brussels, and more...


Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Debian Linux

Projects (Past)

Dark Search

Research & development project into both existing content and content creation on the darkweb. Research manifested into three .onion domains, now defunct: qrjy2nhjdbzdprbq.onion (a search engine), 4apu65ago3nbpbaf.onion (an anonymous billboard), and vepm3cwarl42o35l.onion a ipfs hash share. A workshop on generated data was executed in the Non-linear Storytelling Master at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague in 2017.

Stack: Clojure/ClojureScript, Apache Solr

User Generated Scripture (UGS)

Exploring the religion in technological society. The installation invites users to talk with a chatbot, by sharing and submitting ones ethical values. The content is saved on a USB stick, that can be plugged into another part of the installation in which it is submitted to a ‘user-generated scripture’.


Stack: Rasberry Pi, Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript

H&D Coop Platform

Cooperative funding platform (Dapp) build on an Ethereum blockchain.


Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Node.js, Ethereum, Docker, and more...

Feminist Search Tool (FST)

Research & development exercise into alternative catalog and meta data for Utrecht University Library. Data includes: nationality, gender, etc..


Stack: Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript, Apache Solr

Momentary Zine/Zine Karaoke

Experiment in live publishing. Users generate a publication by speaking into a microphone which is translated directly to text and images (source from the internet) and printed in realtime. The Momentary Zine has been shown at MU Eindhoven, Automata Festival in Bucharest, Zinefest Berlin, Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 in London, Northside Festival in NY and FORMS Festival in Toronto.


Stack: Python, HTML/CSS/Javascript


Daemon/bot process that consumes internet traffic of wifi users and translates it into stories. Born in Bern @ the Mad Sciencist Festival, exhibited again in both Bussels and Ghent.


Stack: HTML/CSS/Javascript, Python, Rasberry Pi